Natural Oyster Pearl Necklace

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Make a wish, break open the oyster and discover a real, genuine freshwater pearl inside! The mystery and excitement that goes in the process of opening the oyster and finding your very own special freshwater cultured pearl are unmatched. 

This necklace is the best gift for any Holiday, Special Occasion Or Anniversary. Comes perfectly packaged in a decorative box making gift-giving easy!

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    How To Use? 

    • Make a wish before you open the oyster and enjoy the health, happiness, success, love, wisdom, & wealth that each unique pearl color symbolizes
    • A glittering pearl awaits you to brighten your mood!
    • The Color of the pearl you receive is a mystery until you open the oyster
    • Comes with a Pendant which is the perfect vessel to show off your gorgeous pearl
    • Put the pearl in, and maybe your wish might come true! 


    • Comes with gift box
    • Each shell is natural to look both beautiful and realistic
    • Not available in stores
    • A completely unique gift, no other gift can compare!





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