Address Format

Hi guys,

Sometimes orders are delayed because your address is ambiguos. Before placing an order take the time to read this information.


  • If your shipping address is within the US and being delivered to a house or apartment complex then it should be in the following format:

[Name of Receiver]

[Street Address]

[Apartment Number (if applicable)]

[City, State, Zip Code]

If you are looking for your item to be delivered to your institution then please google your institution's mailing address for residence halls. 


It can sometimes be tricky to fill out information of your shipping address when your order is international. 

The most helpful page we have found to help you with how your shipping address should be would be 

For example if your package is going to Saudi Arabia, you would have to google "saudi arabia" and click on the following link:

If your order is going to India then google "india" and click on

As you can see these files are on pdf so whenever you find a similar link, click on it and follow the sample. 


If you are still concerned about your shipping address then please emails us at