Custom Music Song Plaque

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Create your personalized music plaque and give a unique gift to the person you love the most!

custom music plaque
Upload an image of a happy moment spent together, and add music that you associate with your couple. You can also add a message to your significant other. In white or black, the music plaque is the best way to please the person you love.


  • You just click on UPLOAD COVER IMAGE. 
  • Then FILL ALL THE FIELDS you would like your music plaque to have. 
  • Then you click ADD TO CART after you filled them all.


I got a personal plaque music for my husband, he loves Drake's songs so you can imagine what I got for him, he totally loved it and he couldn't believe that such a thing could be made.
Mia T.

This gift is unbelievable, my wife was expecting flowers or something like that for our anniversary and when I got this with a picture of us, she went nuts!!
Frank L.

Got this for my bf he wouldn't expect such a gift, i got this with our names on it and a little note that says 'My heart always flys next to yours' so cute! He loves the gift and I did too!
Charlotte D.


  • Material: Acrylic Glass
  • Available in black or white
  • Music Plaque: 20x25cm 

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